ANTCC President seeks appointment of Teaching Staffs in the Senior Secondary Schools under Mayabunder Tehsil

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Port Blair, Aug 23: In a letter addressed to the Directorate of Education, A & N Administration, The Andaman Nicobar Territorial Congress Committee President Mr. Rangalal Halder has formally requested on behalf of the concerned parents and students of the Senior Secondary Schools under Mayabunder Tehsil in regard to the staffing requirements.

He said that the skills and methodologies required to teach the students from Class VI to VIII significantly required qualified teaching staff as appointing qualified Primary School Teachers (PST) and Graduate Trained Teachers (GTT) would greatly enhance the quality of education to the students.

He stated that the subjects and complexity of learning in classes VI to VIII often demand specialized knowledge that Secondary and Graduate Level teachers are better equipped to provide.

He has also pointed towards the lack of principals and vice principals in the Schools under Mayabunder Tehsil which hinders effective school management and the implementation of educational policies.

Adversely, the Students in the secondary stage require specialized attention to develop foundational skills, and a lack of Primary School Teachers, Trained Secondary Graduate level teachers and non-availability of Principal, vice -Principals could hinder their growth and development of their skills.

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