CINCAN visits ANC formations in North Andamans

Port Blair, June 04: Lt Gen Ajai Singh, AVSM, Commander-in-Chief Andaman & Nicobar Command  toured the operational detachment at Landfall Island, the northernmost island of the Andaman Group and reviewed the combat readiness of 240 Air Force Signal Unit and Naval Air Station Kohassa at Diglipur on 04 Jun 21.

CINCAN commended the troops on Landfall Island for their dedication and re-emphasised the strategic importance of their location. At Diglipur, the General Officer reiterated the operational importance of the Naval Air Station, INS Kohassa, which was established in 2019 as a Forward Operating Air Base (FOAB) for the security and development of the Andamans’ northern districts and our fellow citizens. He also appreciated the diligent vigil being observed by personnel operating and maintaining 240 Signal Unit.

During his interaction with troops of the Army, Navy, Air Force, DSC and Defence civilians, the General Officer exhorted them to enhance their vigil in light of the geo-strategic security scenario, in particular the IOR.

The CINCAN advised all personnel to continue maintaining strict Covid-19 protection measures.

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