Ration Rasheed Foundation Organizes Successful Blood Donation Camp at Swaraj Dweep

ort Blair, Dec 22: Ration Rasheed Foundation, a renowned non-profit organization committed to making a positive impact on society, successfully organized a Blood Donation Camp at Swaraj Dweep on 21st December, 2023. The event aimed to contribute to the critical need for blood supply and underscored the importance of community engagement in lifesaving endeavors.
The camp, held at Fish Landing Jetty, Swaraj Dweep witnessed an overwhelming response from the community, with numerous individuals coming forward to donate blood and support the noble cause. Their selfless acts of kindness will have a lasting impact on the lives of those in need The Ration Rasheed Foundation extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, volunteers, and stakeholders who played a crucial role in the success of this initiative. 60% of the donors were first time donors during the camp.
The Ration Rasheed Foundation acknowledges the invaluable support from local businesses, medical professionals, volunteers and media who worked together seamlessly to ensure the smooth conduct of the blood donation camp. Special thanks to Mr. Sanjay K. Waradkar, CCF Wild life, forest
department Mr. Vikram Singh Director Fisheries, Mr. Tapan Kumar Biswas Assistant Director Fisheries (SA), Division Forest Officer Swaraj Dweep, Pradhan Govind Nagar Panchayat Swaraj Dweep, Dr. Sabeela In Charge PHC Swaraj dweep, Dr. Shahina Sengupta in Charge Blood Bank, GB Pant Hospital. Expressing Gratitude the Ration Rasheed Foundation extends sincere thanks to the Govt. officials, PRIs and other stake holders for their generous contributions, time, and efforts in making this event a resounding success. Special gratitude to Mr. Mohd. Jadwet and the staffs of M V Makruzz for their hospitality provided for the camp. Last but not the least a special thanks given to all team members of team Ration Rasheed Foundation Havelock.

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