09 More Foreign Poacher Apprehended Making it 26 in A Month and Recovered Stolen Dinghy by North & Middle Andaman Police

Port Blair, July 23: On 20.07.2023 the Anti-Poaching Task Force team consisting of Insp. Anirudra Mondal, ASI U. Ramesh, HCs Mohd. Ameen, Bobby Jacob & Tata Rao, Cts Vijay Rajan, Nayan Bera, Dilip Ekka, Subrato Mondal, M. Raju, Shanker, Sybestin & Madhavan, PCs Sameer Halder & Imran alogwith local sources from villagers was on its way to search for foreign poachers in the mangroves and creek near Loha Tikrey where they were suspected to be hidden. During their extensive search in the creeks, the team noticed a dinghy of a local fisherman which was missing since few days from Area 26 was found hidden in the creek of dense mangroves jungle. It was suspected that it could be stolen by Myanmarese poachers and hidden there.

Immediately, the team got alerted by Inspr. Anirudra and prepared a plan to conduct a massive search. The team split into three and started combing operations in the deep jungle and creek. During combing operation the team found poachers hidden in the deep jungle. The team surprised the poachers and signalled them to surrender. But neglecting the police orders they tried to run and escape in the jungle but the team too swiftly chased them and apprehended 09 poachers successfully. To caution them from fleeing away the team had to fire some warning shots. Further, the team continued its search for more poachers, after an extensive search in the dense mangroves and in the creeks, no clue of more poachers was found. All 09 apprehended Myanmarese poachers along with stolen dinghy reached PS Kalighat on 22.07.2023 for initial enquiry. After conducting enquiry, the Myanmarese Poachers will be handed over to PS CCS for further investigation. The entire operation was carried out under supervision of Ms. Geetanjali Khandelwal, IPS, SP (D) N&MA.

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