Central Crime Station Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: Nine Arrested With Seizure of 1.2 Lakh In Cash

Port Blair, Apr 08: On April 7th, 2024, the team from the Police Station Central Crime Station, led by Sub-Inspector Parvash, along with HC/ Sanjit Madhu, HC/Sanjay Kujur, PC/ N. Thangaraj, PC/Chandran, PC/Rajendan, and PC/Amos George, executed a raid in Krishna Nagar, Shadipur under the supervision of Inspector Girish Kumar, SHO PS CCS. The operation was conducted in line with their unwavering commitment to combat illegal activities.

During the raid, the team apprehended several individuals engaged in gambling activities. Despite attempts by the gamblers to evade capture, the police team managed to apprehend all nine individuals involved. Upon searching the suspects, the team recovered a total of Rs. 1,22,030/- in cash, along with board money amounting to Rs. 97,624/- and Rs.24,406/- recovered from their personal search.

The individuals arrested during the raid have been charged under Sections 5/7 of the Andaman and Nicobar Gambling Regulation 1951. This action underscores the Police Station Central Crime Station’s dedication to upholding the law and ensuring the safety and security of the community.

The general public is requested to inform about any credible information pertaining to any kind of illegal activity on the following telephone numbers- 100, 232586, 233307, 9434280100. The identity of the informer will be kept secret.

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