ACCI suggests norms for upcoming unlock Process

Port Blair, August 24: The president of Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Mr. Surendra Prahladka ha suggested various norms regarding the lifting of the current lockdown in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary A&N Administration, Mr. Surendra Prahladka said that, due to the sudden spike in Covid-19 infections since mid-July, the Administration had imposed a lockdown since midnight of 4th of August and expiring on the 25th of August.

This lockdown has curtailed substantial economic activities as well as movement into/within the islands, which is being hoped, that it has helped in the containment of the spread to a certain extent he added.

The pandemic and subsequent lockdowns since March, had serious economic consequences on particular sectors, inclusive of primary, secondary and tertiary. The economy is expected to contract this final year, with a drastic effect over daily rated workers. While lockdowns are essential to contain the spread, it cannot be a permanent solution.

He further said that by implementing the remark “Jaan bhi, Jahaan bhi” given by Prime Minister Modi , it is absolutely imperative that the lockdown ending on 25 of August is lifted and all economic activities should resume, in pursuance of MHA Guidelines. He further mentioned some activities that must resume more specifically, so as to restore normalcy in economic activities such as all shops and establishments, inclusive of hotels and restaurants to be permitted to open; all factories, construction sites, workshops to be resumed; permitting inter and intra state movement of person and goods and public transport viz. buses, autos and private carriers to be permitted.

In conjunction, understanding the direness of the situation, ACCI also recommended the following Social gatherings to remain forbidden/banned; Religious places of worship may continue to remain shut, substantially increase levels of testing and isolation; Pursue strict monitoring for compliance to SOPs such as social distancing etc.; Mandatory rapid testing for all incoming travelers; Mandatory quarantine for all incoming passengers in Port Blair. if home quarantine not suitable or for inter-island passengers, free institutional/paid hotel quarantine facility to be made available and Private hospitals/clinics to be allowed to treat Covid patient.

He concluded by saying that ACCI has always stood by the Administration in the fight against the Covid19 pandemic and are further, in the process of establishing a COVID CARE CENTER with all essential facilities,  in association with South Andaman  Administration.

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