Advisory to General Public Travelling on Board Dss Vessels

Port Blair, Oct 24: All the vessels of this Directorate operating at various sector viz Mainland, Inter Island, Foreshore and Harbour ferry are strictly conform to  the statutory  Rules and Regulations with regard to passenger safety and security.  Complying to the above and keeping the passenger safety formost, all  kinds of passenger vessels of this Directorate are therefore not permitted to tranship any kind of Cargo which falls under the purview of Dangerious Cargo.  Such prohibition is extended to the personal luggages of passengers also.

In this regard it is informed to the general public that the Crackers/Fire Works are falls under the category of Dangerous cargo and being the festive season, some passengers due to unawareness may carry Crackers/Fire Works alongwith their personal luggages in the vessels of this Directoate, which shall be detained therewith or the concerned passenger will not be allowed to travel.

In order to avoid such situation and inconvenience, the passengers are advised not to carry any kind of Dangerous cargo including Crackers/Fire Works as part of cargo/ personal baggage,  while travelling on board all DSS vessels,.


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