ANRKM Seeks Insurance Scheme for Ut’s Corona Warriors

Port Blair, August 21: Mr. Sanjiv Rangaiah, president, ANRKM has asked preference and grant of insurance scheme amount for the Corona warriors in the UT.

In a letter addressed to the Lt. Governor, A & N Islands, Port Blair, Mr.Rangaiah said that, the  Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi has announced that the Corona Warriors who are performing duties for containment amidst spread of COVID – 19, if came into direct or indirect contact with any positive person and got the virus and deceased, have been declared to be provided with an Insurance coverage of Rs. 50.00 lakhs.

Due to a rise in the number of Covid patients in this UT, presently the A & N Administration has engaged officials of almost all departments as well as autonomous bodies for containing the Corona Virus under different capacities and responsibilities. “The serving employees are getting infected by the virus while performing the responsibilities as desired by the Administration for containment of Corona virus, whereas many warriors expired in hospital or at home after having medication”, he added.

He further said that, in this context, he mentioned his suggestion for different departments  to issue various certificates pertaining to the claimant of deceased warrior which is enlisted as per the requirement of Insurance Company:

        Laboratory Report certifying having tested Positive for COVID-19 (in Original or Certified copy)

        Death summary by the Hospital where death occurred (in case death occurred in hospital) (Certified copy).

        Death Certificate (in Original)

        Certificate by the Healthcare Institution/ organization/ office that the deceased was an employee of /engaged by the institution and was deployed/drafted for care and may have come in direct contact of the COVID-19 patient.

        For community health care workers, the Certificate should be from Medical Officer of Primary Health Centre (PHC) that ASHA/ASHA Facilitator was drafted for work related to COVID-19. 

With this he mentioned that, “the document collection by the claimant of the deceased warrior, will be a tough job for the illiterate and unaccustomed for the official process.

He concluded by saying that, the efforts of Administration for the deceased family will set an example for others to get motivated and come forward in the service of mankind and humanity at this juncture of pandemic.

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