Member of Parliament urges PM to provide 3,00,000 doses of vaccine for A & N Islands

Port Blair, July 11: Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Prime Minister of India to provide 3,00,000 doses of vaccine for the islanders for cent percent immunization of islanders above 18 years.

He has stated that Andaman & Nicobar Administration has till now managed the COVID-19 pandemic situation in a very professional manner in the last two waves by imposing containment zone, travel restrictions and lockdowns.

This UT is consisting of scattered islands and movement of public has become standstill due to lockdown and travel restrictions. These experiences have been paying heavy price by the general public especially the daily bread earners.

Keeping in view of threat of Delta Plus variant of COVID-19 virus and possibilities of 3rd wave of COVID-19 as predicted worldwide, vaccination is the only panacea to save the islanders from this pandemic. If this request is considered, Andaman & Nicobar Islands will be the first Union Territory of India to be 100 % vaccinated.

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