Quick Response Team (QRT) Vehicle launched by Middle Andaman Division, DoEF

Port Blair, Sept 02: On the mantra of “Live and Let Live”, the Middle Andaman Division, Department of Environment and Forests, Andaman and Nicobar Administration has launched a Quick Response Team (QRT) “Vehicle” on 01.09.2021 for addressing the general public’s interest  and concern of rescue/capture/driving away of crocodiles and snakes venturing into/nearby human habitation/frequented areas. Launch of QRT vehicle aims to address Human-Animal Conflict (H-A-C) and Quick redressal of issues arised due to H-A-C. Therefore, the general public are informed that in case of any genuine issue related with sighting of crocodile and snake in their nearby vicinity which poses threat may contact the following forest personnel of QRT for further needful.  Mr. Vijay Kishen, Range Officer – 9434270401, Mr. S P Roy, Deputy Ranger- 9434272617, Mr. Baiju M Nair, Forester –            9434274675, Mr. Basant Lall, Forest Guard  -9434267744, Mr. M shabbier, Forest Guard – 9476068789.

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