I am happy to know that the Department of Environment & Forests, Andaman & Nicobar Islands is observing the “International Day of Forests” on 21st March, 2024 in these Islands along with rest of the country and the world, on the theme “Forests and Innovation”. This Day raises awareness on the importance of all types of forests essential for biodiversity conservation, climate change mitigation, and the livelihoods of millions of people who depend on them for food, shelter and income.

      Forests are not only our prized possession but also our guarantee for life on our mother Earth as these provide life supporting ecosystem services. They contribute to soil and water conservation, carbon storage and clean air. They offer protection against natural hazards such as landslides, rock fall, or avalanches and last but not the least, they are a source for renewable energy and are an important means to mitigate climate change through their ability to sequester carbon. They are home to numerous species and also habitat of many tribes. The Forests of Andaman & Nicobar Islands serve the planet earth in all these areas.

Habitat loss and degradation of forests, due to high biotic pressure, increasing demand for forest products, lack of regeneration, frequent forest fires and low productivity are some of the challenges being faced in the forests of our country. Innovative thinking and creative ideas combined with the use of modern technology is the need of the hour to deal with these challenges. We have to increase our forest cover and also the quality of our forests.

     On the occasion of the International Day of Forests, I urge the nature loving people of these Islands to realize the importance of all types of forests, and trees outside forests. Also, let us join hands to spread awareness about the environment and re-dedicate ourselves to the cause of forests and do our best to innovate new ideas to preserve, conserve and restore the rich biodiversity of our enchanting Islands and support the Administration in this endeavour.


(Admiral DK Joshi)


Lieutenant Governor, A&N Islands

& Vice Chairman, Islands Development Agency

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