Cable TV Conundrum

By Debkumar Bhadra

As far as delivery of services in these islands are concerned, it is no secret that customers had been getting a raw deal since choice in almost cent per cent cases is limited to single operator/service provider. Be it Telecom, Internet, LPG, POL or Cable TV Networks “take it or leave it” is the regime that is in vogue.

In a bid to dismantle the status quo in the broadcasting and cable service sector, the regulatory body Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) way back in March 2017, mandated compulsory switchover from analog to digitally addressable systems (DAS) for cable networks. However, finding that the stated objectives viz transparency and real choice to the consumers, weren’t met, TRAI initiated a comprehensive review of the entire framework and came up with a completely new tariff regime effective from 1st February, 2019. Though efficacy of the initiative to address the monopoly issue is debatable, yet it can be said that with implementation of new tariff order, there would be transparency in pricing and control on choice of channels on DTH/Cable TV Networks will now be in the hands of the con

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