Central Crime Station seizes Rs.4.30 Lakhs

Port Blair, Apr 04: In order to ensure free and fair election, the Central Crime Station (CCS) is working vigorously to enforce the Model Code of Conduct. Such efforts of Central Crime Station are coming out with positive results in terms of restraining illegal liquor and unaccounted cash. On 03.04.2019, evening 1930hrs police field checking team headed by Inspr. Mahesh Yadav, SHO, Central Crime Station, Police Constable P.K.Mondal, Harikrishna Yadav, Chandran under the supervision of Sh.George Lalu, Dy.SP(CID) noticed one person behind Mohanpura Govt. Bus stand and moving suspiciously along with a black bag. He was intercepted and checked. On checking an amount of cash Rs.4.30 Lakhs with denomination (Rs.2000 x 100, Rs.500 x 460) was found from his possession. Later, upon questioning the said person, failed to give any justification or convincing reply about the source of money. On this the said unaccounted cash of Rs.4.30 Lakhs was seized on the spot. Further, two days ago police field checking team has seized Rs.5 Lakhs and so far a total amount of unaccounted cash Rs.9.30 Lakhs has been seized by Central Crime Station. During (MCC) Model Code of Conduct, it is prohibited to carry cash amount of more than Rs.50,000. The entire operation was conducted under the overall supervision of Sh.Manoj.C, IPS, SP(CID).

Andaman & Nicobar police is keeping strict vigil on all anti-social activities. Swift action is ensured on any information received to inculcate the sense of trust in the general public. To ensure free and fair General Election 2019 in A&N Islands, the general public is requested to pass on credible information related to illegal activities or any activities in violation to Model Code of Conduct to the following telephone numbers: 233307, 232586, 100 & 9531856294, 9474233832. The identity of the informant will be kept secret.

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