Well Planned, Bollywood style Murder: Police Solves Khairoon Bibi Murder Case; Husband and Friend Arrested

Sheekha Bureau
Port Bair, Oct 21: The recent murder case of Mrs. Khairoon Bibi, 40 years, w/o Shaddab Shiraj, a resident of Sea Shore Road, Haddo left people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands deeply shocked.
The murder was committed on 16 October in a well planned manner and police was virtually left with no clues. The blind murder case was however solved by a joint team of PS Pahargaon, PS Chatham and PS Aberdeen in a highly professional manner, for which the officers of A & N Police must be lauded.
Police has now solved the murder case and arrested Mr. Shaddab Shiraj and his close friend Mr. Zafaar with murder charges.
According to details, during investigation police department showed highest level of professionalism and solved the blind murder case within a few days.
As reported by Andaman Sheekha earlier, the only clue police had in this case, was that some people had seen an unknown person coming to the house of the victim in day time in a Scooty, in which the number plates were covered by paper.
The police team later after thorough search found the Scooty from nearby area and on investigation they came to know that the accused Zafaar was using the Scooty. Later police team on search found a golden ring of Late Khairoon Bibi from the house of Zafaar. Later during interrogation Zafaar accepted his guilt but he refused to name Shaddab Shiraj, the husband of the victim, in this case.
Later during a search police found gold ornaments of the victim from the tool box of Shaddab Shiraj’s bike, which confirmed involvement of Shaddab Shiraj in this case. Later Shaddab Shiraj also accepted his guilt.
Both the accused reportedly planned to kill Mrs. Khairoon Bibi since a long time and according to plan Zafaar was supposed to run away with all gold ornaments of victim and later go to gulf, via Kerala while husband Shaddab Shiraj was supposed to get the property.
Sources said that smelling threat from husband, recently the victim had drafted a will, according to which the husband will get nothing, in case Mrs. Khairoon Bibi dies. This news reportedly left Shaddab Shiraj fuming and he planned the murder before registration of the will.
For this purpose Shaddab Shiraj had already prepared Zafaar and to execute this plan they got a Scooty from a friend.
One the day of murder Shaddab Shiraj reportedly dropped Zafaar inside the house so that Zafaar can murder his wife when she returns from job in PBMC. In between Shaddab Shiraj also supplied food and liquor to Zafaar inside the home and when finally when the victim returned home at noon Zafaar attacked the victim and tried to strangulate her.
It is believe that during struggle Khairoon Bibi overpowered the accused and bit on Zafaar’s hand and because of this frustration, Zafaar attacked Mrs. Khairoon Bibi with a dhah and murdered her brutally.
Both the accused reportedly tried all stunts to execute this murder in Bollywood style. Zafaar reportedly used surgical groves to commit crime and later threw the murder weapon in sea and also burnt all cloths with blood stains.
Thanks to Andaman and Nicobar Police that this case was solved but this case has again pointed towards growing crime in Andaman because of addiction of liquor and Ganja. Hope the Andaman and Nicobar Police will form special teams to bust Ganja rackets and to check supply of illicit liquor.

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