“Pujit Akshat” In 20 Kalash Reaches 20 Temples: Massive Rally at Bambooflat

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Port Blair, Jan 02: A massive Kalash Yatra was rganized by VHP and Bajrang Dal from Shree Ganesh Temple, Bambooflat to Radha Krishna temple, Wimberlygunj to distribute 20 kalash of “Pujit Akshat” to 20 temples of Bambooflat and Wimberlygunj. The temple committees welcomed the Akshat Kalash, with garlands and flowers. Thereafter, the AKSHAT will be distributed to all the households as an invitation for the celebration of the consecration ceremony (Pran Pratishta) of Ram temple on 22th January 2023 at Ayodhya in the local temples. 

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