Shri. Yusoof Jadwet , the legend of Nicobar is no more

Port Blair, May 30: Shri. Yusoof Jadwet from the Jadwet family passed away on Saturday evening at 6:49PM (29th May 2021) in Port Blair. He was the man to be the key link between the Jadwet Family and Nicobar. Shri. Yusoof Jadwet was the Managing Director of the Tribal Cooperative Society EHL (Ellen Hinengo Limited) for almost 40 years. The Cooperative Society was founded by Late Bishop John Richardson and Hajee Cassim Jadwet (uncle of Yusoof) where the Nicobarese had 100% ownership in it. Under the leadership of Yusoof Jadwet since 1967, the tribal Cooperative society acquired 4 ocean going cargo ships, expanded it to construction and engineering division,  Petrol pump division,  Ellon Cinema Hall, coir manufacturing unit, stevedoring division in Treetop  Jetty, Malacca Jetty, and Mus Jetty. He was the treasurer of Nicobar Athletic Association for over 30 years, Director of Nicobar District Cooperative Union, trustee of Nicobar Social and Educational Foundation. He briefly also served as the Managing Director of MML (Manula Mathai Limited) in Nancowry. After attaining his superannuation he served as the Advisor of EHL.  In 2002, he was awarded with the District Commendation Certificate for his contribution in upliftment of Nicobarese tribe and was awarded distinguished award from Writers International Network in 2017 for his dedicated services in Nicobar District.

Shri. Jadwet lived a king-size life in Carnicobar with a humble and down to earth approach. He was liked by the tribal community of Nicobar especially tribal leaders such as Bishop John Richardson, Thomas Halaynpa,  Rani Lachmi,  Rani Changa,  Edward Kutchat, Ebrahim Ali Hussain, Harry Lawrence , Edmond Mathew and many others. The Cooperative Society EHL had a huge loss in 2004 tsunami where its establishment including Shri. Jadwet’s residence was washed out, he played an essential role in rebuilding the society. With the death of Shri. Yusoof Jadwet , the islands have lost a great legend who had sacrificed his life and played an important role in the lives of Nicobarese.

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