Knocked-out-tooth Dental injury successfully re-implanted at Dinesh Dental Clinic

Port Blair, Dec 09: A female patient Miss. Sangeeta Kumari aged 24 years working at Junglighat R/o of Attampahad had reported with the knocked-out-tooth due to fall, with the both lower central incisors and a fracture of the upper left central incisor. She had got the avulsed tooth within 20 minutes of the injury. Since both was a permanent tooth, Dr. Dinesh, B.D.S(Cal Univ), PGDHHM, PGDMLS, PGDMC, Dental Surgeon decided to re-plant it, since an avulsed permanent tooth is one of the few real emergency situations in dentistry as the nerves, blood vessels and supporting tissues are damaged with the passage of time.
The tooth was re-planted immediately at Dinesh Dental Clinic, Golghar, handled professionally using therapeutic protocols and precautions on 17thNovember, 2018. The patient was asked to report after ten days for check up and subsequently for review on 8th Dec also. The tooth was found intact, saved as well and re-implantation was successful, as said.
Dr. Dinesh said though this kind of procedure was common and had done about eight cases in the past with cent percent success, just to create awareness among citizens there are few suggestions to be followed as to handle the tooth carefully and not to touch the root portion. If it is dirty hold the crown part and rinse in milk/water and do not wipe off, this could damage the tooth. Keep the tooth moist or place the tooth in mouth between cheek and gum. Dental Surgeon will examine the tooth again to ensure that tooth is re-implanted successfully and stabilized. Delayed re-plantation has a poor long term prognosis.
In addition to increase public awareness, healthcare professional, parents, teachers should receive information on how to proceed with these severe unexpected injuries/sports injuries, he said restoring the avulsed or knocked-out-tooth is for aesthetics, functional and more over psychological reasons. Immediate re-plantation ensures the best possible prognosis.

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